NYC fare evader who threatened to shoot cop busted on bus

Officers patrolling for fare evaders nabbed a serial transit crook who had threatened to shoot a cop in the face, the MTA said Saturday.

Police from the MTA’s Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority and the NYPD’s Eagle Team were patrolling on Feb. 26 when they caught Richard Fraser, 35, with a pistol after he tried to skip the fare on the SBS-B44 in Midwood.

Fraser, who has dozens of summons for fare evasion, tried to run off the bus, but was quickly busted.

A week earlier, the Brooklyn man had threatened another officer outside a bus stop, telling her he was armed, officials said.

“He said, ‘I will shoot her in the face,” TBTA Inspector Charlie Chavez told The Post.

After the menacing incident, officers were on the lookout for Fraser, Chavez said.

“They were familiar with him, they knew who he was,” the veteran TBTA officer told The Post. “He has a long, expansive rap sheet.”

When he was nabbed Wednesday, the crook claimed his only weapon was a lighter — but cops searched him and found a semi-automatic Beretta pistol, police said.

He was hit with charges for criminal possession of a weapon and menacing.

“If you’re committing crimes in the system, our duty is the take you out of the system,” Chavez told The Post. “We’re committed to the task we’ve been given to keep the system safe.”

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