FDNY orders EMT workers to snitch on social-distancing scofflaws

The FDNY has ordered all EMTs and paramedics to report anything that violates New York state’s social-distancing mandate — but some first responders think this is a terrible idea.

“There’s no better way to make the public distrust EMS than to make EMS an arm of law enforcement,” one veteran EMS worker told The Post, asking that his name not be used.

“You don’t want people to not call EMS because they’re afraid that when EMS arrives, they’re going to call the police,” the veteran added.

The edict comes two weeks after Mayor Bill de Blasio urged all New Yorkers to turn in their non-social-distancing neighbors by texting a photo of violators to 311.

The mayor’s snitch decry led to the tattle-tale-line being flooded with penis photos and Hitler memes.

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