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Blue Lives Matters – ‘standing up for officers’ Watch video



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The pro-police group Blues Lives Matter has released a video “dedicated to all those who lost their lives protecting and serving.”

“This video provides a stark contrast to the current anti-law enforcement movement that ignores the faces of every human being who is a law enforcement officer,” Strike TV director Matthew Matossian told The Post.

Blue Lives Matter was founded by Joseph Imperatrice, an NYPD sergeant, said the officers in the video “are of all ranks and from all over the nation.”

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Freeport Texas Police Chief Raymond Garivey told The Post “law enforcement is facing difficult times” following the killing of George Floyd and subsequent protests and he did the video to support “those who proudly wear the uniform and truly have a passion for the job, which includes treating people fairly.”

Garivey told The Post he’s “saddened” that all law enforcers are being branded as “bad officers for the actions of a few” and “I encourage the good cops to keep pushing forward.”

Said Imperatrice: “What is most special are the families of our lost heroes who took part to make this video really come to life. This video gives them some sense that their loved one is not forgotten through all the chaos. … Officers are human, they hurt, they bleed, they cry and laugh like everyone else. Yet they are demonized. This video gives a first hand account of the raw emotion these special people are dealing with.”

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Leanne Simonsen, whose husband, Detective Brian Simonsen, was killed during a botched Queens robbery on Feb. 12, 2019, said she was on board with the project because “I think we need to show that police are humans too. They have family and friends who need them and love them very much.

“I never want my husband’s sacrifice forgotten along with all my fellow line-of-duty families. The video was beautifully done and it meant the world to me to represent my husband.”

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