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New York City massive Black Out, Power Outage



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Massive Power Outage hit some cities in New York City

NYC citizens have been sharing images of the “black out” streets after reporting the lights going out in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

According to a Spokesman Con Edison, who disclosed about the NYC Black Out

A widespread power outage hit New York customers in darkness across a large area of Upper Manhattan early Friday.

Three transmission Network in Manhattan lost their electricity supply at 5:13 a.m., Con Ed spokesman Philip O’Brien said, adding that the power has been restored.

The Black Out was reported at around 5.15am which has now been restored.

According to CNBC,

“The power outage had switched out not just lights but also cellphone services , subways and trains have been also impacted plus experiencing delays in day to day activities.”

Con Edison said ;

“We are investigating a problem on our transmission system that caused three networks in Manhattan to lose their electric supply at about 5:13 this morning,”

Below are some Photos that shows city in darkness

New York City massive Black Out, Power Outage
New York City massive Black Out, Power Outage

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