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Russia register Covid 19 Vaccine, administered to President Putin’s daughter



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Russia has found the coronavirus Vaccine and Putin’s daughter already been injected

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin have disclosed that a coronavirus vaccine has been found and registered for use also claiming that one of his daughter has already been injected with the vaccine.

Apparently, on Tuesday, speaking at a government meeting, the Russian President Putin said;

“The vaccine has proven efficient during test, offerring a lasting immunity fro the coronavirus”

Vladimir Putin made emphasis also saying;

“The vaccine went under all the necessary testings. He added, My daughter has received a shot of the vaccine and now she is back to sound, feeling great.”

Since the vaccine is discovered, tested and registered, the authorities of Russian has now made medical workers, teachers and other sectors of high risk of contacting the coronavirus as first to be inoculated.

What do you think about this coronavirus Vaccine discovered in Russia?

This has made Russia the first country to register a coronavirus vaccine in the world, as many other scientist all over the world even in the country Russian has been doubtfully asking questions and pondering on the decision Russia took by registering this coronavirus vaccine before Phase 3 trials, which normally last for months and includes much testing results from a lot of people.

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