The sacrifices partners make to build an empire – “Vegas Dave”

Why Vegas Dave moved out for Holly Sonders

The popular sports information consultant, Vegas Dave who is 44-years-old moved in with his parents, leaving his girlfriend so he can give more attention to his profession.

The ‘New York Post’ recently published an article entitled “Why Vegas Dave ‘sacrificed his relationship’ with Holly Sonders”, and Dave took to his Instagram account to set the record straight.

Vegas Dave enlightened more about his relationship and sacrifices with Holly Sonders

He took to His Instagram Handle to give a full detailed of the sacrifices partners make to build an empire, after he saw the article written by New York Post and decided to write his own in detailed form.

He Captioned;

I feel this is a great time to share the truth and the behind the scenes of our relationship that only a few close friends of ours only see.

As the article stated that this past month I chose to move back in with my parents, Not because there is an issue with our relationship, but because I need to be able to focus on my craft at all times. I have been working from 4am to 11pm every single day since sports started.

Holly Sonders and Vegas Dave

I sleep on a small queen bed in their guest room. I am the best in the world in what I do and to continue to be the best in the world I have to work these relentless hours to perfect my craft, as 3 sports are going on every day for 90 days. There are days I don’t even leave my parents office, days I don’t even step outside to breathe fresh air.

The sacrifices Holly Sonders Has Made for Vegas Dave

Now enough about me, I would like to share the sacrifices Holly has made. I have never met someone so selfless and loving in my life. A lot of my players give me praise for making them so much money. But they should give her a lot of praise as well.

Her willingness to give me the space to work even if that means sleeping apart in separate beds for 3 months. This allows me to focus on work 100% of the time. Trust me if she did not allow me to do this my results would not be where they are today. Holly is the definition of a true partner, someone that gives a lot, and loves hard.

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When I have a losing day ( which doesn’t happen that often, lol ) she is the first to pick me up and take me to Dairy Queen or to Yogurt Land to cheer me up.

When I lose my games it affects me a lot as thousands of people depend on me to make them money daily. We eat our ice cream, she tells me tomorrow is a new day and that I am the best in the world and even the best lose sometimes.

Remember behind every successful man is a very special woman, it takes two to make a team, it takes two to build an empire. I love Holly

Below reads his caption on Instagram;

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