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Why Holly Sonders was left by Vegas Dave in their relationship



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The popular sports information consultant, Vegas Dave who is 44-years-old moved in with his parents, leaving his girlfriend so he can give more attention to his profession.

Why Vegas Dave moved out for Holly Sonders

Vegas Dave said:

“Me and Holly Sonders are still together, but since last month, i have moved on and went back to stay with my parents so that i can sleep well at night and have a peace of mind without disruptions and so i can work harder in peace”

He also added; “I’ve pretty much sacrificed my relationship with a beautiful woman”

Oancea, after fraudulently using others people’s identities to open accounts, was judged to serve a three-year ban from Las Vegas casinos – making a life out of selling betting packages/sports package that he promotes via his social media handles.

Holly Sonders and Vegas Dave
Holly Sonders and Vegas Dave

Reason why Holly Sonders was left by his boyfriend Vegas Dave

“I’m too dedicated to my hustle” he said. “Holly sonders is always unhappy about my craft at first but then she later understood with me.

“I think i’m the best in the world at what i do, i will never stop the risk of success until i reach my potentials, and it requires a lot of sacrifice.

Apparently, if the sacrifice is my relationship – if she’s meant to be, it will be. if she wasn’t meant to be, there must be a sacrifice then.

The 33-years-old divorced Holly Sonders, and Dave Oancea began dating in December.

The both partners has really sacrificed a lot

According to Vegas Dave, Holly Sonders has really been there for him, “but people don’t understand how much i work and how much i have to sacrifice for my hustle and business every day from 5AM to 10PM.

He said; “i don’t even sleep next to my girlfriend anymore until November’s one, until i don’t have this vicious cycle of sports based on crazy schedule since COVID came, si can’t take a day off, i had to move back to my parents’ house and my girlfriend lives at my house just because when we are together, we laugh and gist without me focusing.

It took me a lot of sacrifices, he added;

“The card went for $400,000 to $4 million, No one else could have done that, people thought it was crazy back then to buy it for $400,000, but now it only took my marketing and sales ability and my brand to inflate the prices so high.”

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