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New York Gov approves to pay $300 for unemployment next week



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Unemployed New Yorkers who stopped receiving the money federal government allocated for the coronavirus benefits in July can expect relief next week.

NY new $300 to unemployment next week

The government will be sharing out the new weekly $300 for unemployment benefits to over 2 million people starting from next week, this was announced on Thursday, by the State Department of Labor.

This funds was approved from the Federal Emergency Management Agency last month after Mr President Trump gave the other for states to sign up for the additional benefits.

State Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon Said;

“Apparently, throughout this crisis, states unemployment system have now been pushed to a height and now changing federal guidance, including this haphazard presidential executive order, having only delayed our efforts to get benefits to New Yorkers in need”

“but we have worked day and night to stand up this program, and millions of New Yorkers will see payments next week.”

Officials said;

Some 400, 000 New Yorkers are eligible for the new program, but must submit additional information starting Friday.

Nearly $44 billion has been paid to unemployment benefits to 3.5 million jobless New Yorkers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Additional funds will come to an end in late December or earlier if the FDR fund balance falls below $25 billion, the $44 billion set aside for the program is depleted or if Congress enacts a replacement unemployment relief program.

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