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Why Holly Sonders left Vegas Dave, Looking for New Partner



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Does it seems like Vegas Dave and Holly Sonders relationship over?

Recall in December both Dave and Sonders revealed that he had gotten engaged to be married just a few weeks after dating.

Vegas Dave captioned on his twitter handle;

“Beating the Las Vegas Casinos, beating the Feds facing 19 alleged felonies and 40 years in prison, making 2 million a month off my phone with no over head, however the most difficult accomplishment of my life believe it or not was finding true love. This took 43 years to find”

Since the viral going news where both Dave and Holly unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Unfortunately, it seems like both Holly Sonders and Vegas Dave couldn’t make it together.

Looks like Holly had enough of Dave. What happen to staying in cabo for the whole thing? Everywhere being closed down wasn’t appealing anymore?

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