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Accused Ghislaine Maxwell ‘lieutenant’ Sarah Kellen says she is victim



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A New York woman who is accused of being Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lieutenant” disclosed she is also a victim of Jeffrey Epestein’s depravity and not a “monster” who helped him attack others.

Sarah Kellen who is 41, disclosed to The Sun reporters saying “I’ve been made out to e such a monster, but it’s true”.

Brian Vickers told the UK paper, “I’m a victim of Jeffrey Epstein”. I was abused weekly”, The accused enabler, now married to NASCAR driver “

Accused Ghislaine Maxwell ‘lieutenant’ Sarah Kellen says she is victim
Accused Ghislaine Maxwell ‘lieutenant’ Sarah Kellen says she is victim

Maxwell is currently facing serious Molest crimes charges, Kellen was Epstein’s personal assistant for at least 10 years and has been named in lawsuits as the “lieutenant”.

Kellen was also charged second in command for the moneyman’s accused madam, according to lawsuits, she was allegedly keeping lists of young women to recruit as “massage therapists” for her boss.

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